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    Freight forwarding operation

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    Job responsibilities:
    1, to shipping, air cargo export / import is part of the whole of operation (booking, send a car, customs declaration, documents, bills, check to the Hong Kong tracking goods and other related work)
    2. Maintain good communication with customers in business operation.
    3. File and keep the working file.
    Job requirements:
    1, technical secondary school degree or above, four English
    2, to understand the entire cabinet, bulk cargo, air transport, import operation process; understand the basic operating requirements of warehousing and distribution
    3, familiar with customs operations, dock / Airport, owner / airline operation requirements;
    4. Ability to independently quote and handle problem, and establish good communication and interaction with overseas.
    5, have a strong working ability, work hard and meticulous, can work under pressure;
    6, good communication and coordination skills, sense of responsibility, risk monitoring consciousness, resilience, learning ability, service consciousness;