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    Freight forwarding sales

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    Job duties:
    1 responsible for international shipping, air transportation and other logistics related business sales.
    2 integrated development company's existing customers, explore potential customers and business, and promote long sales
    3 communicate effectively with customers through phone, network, and on a strange way, understand customer's needs, seek sales opportunity and achieve sales results.
    4 maintain customer relationship, follow up cargo booking, trailers, customs, place of delivery of goods flow, to provide quality services to customers
    5 regularly visit customers, update customer information, tracking potential customers and business, and promote business development
    6 properly handle customer complaints and disputes
    Job requirements:
    1 strong sense of responsibility, honest, can bear hardships and stand hard work, dare to challenge, can withstand a certain pressure
    2 outgoing, talkative, good communication skills
    3 have good self-learning ability, keen market observation force
    4 experience in international freight forwarding sales or foreign sales experience is preferred
    5 to receive excellent graduates